About Digiprint – Digital Printing Services in Reno, NV

Digiprint began as a franchise printer in 1977, located in downtown Reno at the corner of Plumas Street and California Avenue. It was a walk-in quick-print service, printing your order while you waited, if possible. There was always black ink in the printer for quick printing jobs, and one day of the week they printed in blue ink, and on another day of the week they printed in maroon ink. Jobs in other colors of ink had to wait until they had time to do them. The store was operated by the owner and his wife, and the wife’s brother ran the printing press. Not much changed with the franchise formula until it was sold to the current owners in January of 1991.

The business had a few old printing presses and a very small analog copy machine. There were no computers or a fax machine, invoices were written by hand, and there was not even a Pantone Color swatch book! When a customer came in one day and asked to see the Pantone Color book, we asked them to come back the next day and then ran over to the paper store and bought our first Pantone Color book. We set type using film and a waxer on an art board, and shot printing plates with a camera. The shop smelled of chemicals and burned wax, and there were X-acto ™ razor blades scattered across the light tables.

In the mid 1990’s we added our first digital printer, the Xerox® Docutech. A few years later we added digital color printers, and then after a few more years, added a new Heidelberg printing press, as well as new cutters and new bindery equipment.


In 1995, we added direct mail services. We bought a dot-matrix printer, boxes of labels, a tabbing and labeling machine, and mailing software. Because printing labels took so long, we often started the label printing process at the end of the day and left it running overnight. The next morning the labels would either be neatly stacked in the box or in a tangled mess all over the office floor. Today we digitally print the address right on the mail piece while it is printing, and we can print more addresses in one hour than we could in an entire night in 1995.

In 2000, the franchise agreement expired and we changed our name to Digiprint. We chose Digiprint because we believed the printing industry was going to be digital in the future. In 2001, we moved to our current location on Longley Lane in Reno, NV., which is over three times the square footage of our original shop. We kept changing our digital presses as new technology demanded, and to this day we are dedicated to utilizing the best printing equipment available.

Throughout the years we have won many awards and citations, including the Fastest Growing Franchise Printer, Vendor of the Year, Industrial Member of the Year, Excellence in Commerce Award, and  Best Newsletter, to name a few. We have been voted Best Print Shop by the readers of the Reno News & Review for seven years in a row.

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We have an excellent team of print professionals employed at DigiPrint. Their combined experience in the printing industry is well above 150 years. The average time of employment of all our employees at DigiPrint is approaching 10 years! It would not be unusual to walk into our facility and see some of the employee’s kids here. We are family friendly, and many of the employee’s kids have being coming in after school or during the summer for many years.

All of our employees are extraordinary, very talented, and extremely caring individuals. Everyone here is driven to provide excellent quality and customer service, and to deliver your job on time. We are customer-focused, because we know that without you, we would not be where we are today.