Grow your Business with Every Door Direct Mail®

If you own or work at a service-based or retail business that draws customers from a certain geographical area, the United States Postal Service® has a great product for you! Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a way for you to reach customers in certain zip codes, and in specific carrier routes. You do not need to purchase a mailing list, and you do not need a mailing permit.

You can mail to an entire city, specific neighborhoods, or an area that is within a specific distance from your business. For example, if you own a dental practice, you can target neighborhoods that surround your office, and have a postcard delivered to every household in those neighborhoods. Some items that can be included are coupons, a map of your business location, calendars, and your hours of operation. You can make an offer specific to new patients, send the postcard to the targeted neighborhoods, and then track your response.

Are you worried that most people will not read your message? Studies have shown that 85% of people sort and read their mail every day, and over half of those people say they pay more attention to print advertising versus digital advertising. In addition, 78% of people say they prefer reading on paper. Having your printed message in the hands of potential customers can lead to more new customers, especially if they are looking or have a need for your services. (source: http:// blog.print-print.co.uk/reading-online-vs-print-consumer-preferences/)

Can you afford it? YES! The good news is that EDDM is a low-cost way to advertise. With today’s printing technology, the cost to produce the postcards is very reasonable – a fraction of what it was even 5 years ago. And even better yet, the postage cost is very low, around 17 cents per piece.

One of the most popular products used for EDDM is a postcard, and an often-used size is 6.5” by 9”. This is a large postcard, with plenty of room for your message. When designing your postcard, keep in mind that using a professional graphic designer is important. Your message needs to be easily understood and visually appealing. In the example above, having your postcard professionally designed and printed will increase the odds it gets read and acted upon.

If you have any questions, please feel free contact us. We have designed, printed, and mailed thousands of EDDM pieces.

Printing your Christmas cards

Printing your Christmas cards


Every year, starting in late November and throughout the month of December, we print a lot of Christmas cards. We see some amazing designs and we also have our share of “challenges” with artwork that is not set up properly. Here are some ideas to make your cards look great and save a few headaches at your favorite printing company.

First – a quick history of Christmas cards.  Did you know that sending Christmas cards began in England in 1843? Sir Henry Cole helped set up the British postal system and was wondering how it could be used more by average people. Sir Henry and his friend John Horsley designed the first Christmas card and printed around 1,000 of them. Because the cost of postage had fallen to one penny due to the railroads carrying the mail (instead of a horse and carriage, which made the postage too expensive for average people), mailing Christmas cards suddenly became popular. In the late 1840’s, Christmas cards also began to appear in the United States, but most people could not afford them. In 1875, a printer named Louis Prang started mass producing cards to make them affordable. In 1915, John C. Hall started a new company with his brothers that you might have heard of: Hallmark Cards! (source: www.whychristmas.com)

Now, back to the challenges we see when printing cards. I will touch on three of them for this article.

First, make sure to leave at least 1/8-inch margins around the edges of the entire card (1/4-inch margins would even be better). Why is that? During the printing process – which for short run postcards is typically a digital process – the paper tends to move ever so slightly when being printed, and the paper also can shrink or get slightly distorted by the heat in the digital printing process. Also, when the paper is being cut, which could be 250 sheets at a time, it could move just a whisker (a technical term in printing!) when it is cut. So, when the card is being cut and the type or image is too close to the edge, even with a perfect cut some of your type could get cut off or your border could look uneven.

Second, if you have a background image or color that goes right to the edge of the card, you need to extend it 1/8 inch past the edge of the card (called a “bleed”). For example, if the final size of your card is 5 x 7, if you include the 1/8-inch bleed on all four edges, the size you send to the printer would be 5.25 x 7.25. Besides the reasons listed above, printers print on large sheets of paper then cut them down to the finished size of the card. It would be normal to print several images of the same card on one large sheet of paper. When cutting large sheets of paper, perhaps 250 sheets at a time, with several images on the paper, if the image is not perfectly straight or if the paper moved during the printing process, after cutting the paper you could have white lines on the edge of some of your cards. Even a very slight white line at the edge of the card will look bad. Extending the image past the edge of the card eliminates this problem.

Third, use a professional photographer if possible. In general, professionally taken pictures print great. Often, the photographs taken by us “want to be photographers” are too dark or too red, blurry, or do not have enough contrast between the subject and the background. Even the best design can be spoiled by poor photography.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best during this holiday season, and a prosperous 2018!

The Value of Printed Catalogs

One of the best ways to market your business or the products you produce is with printed catalogs. According to research by Xerox-InfoTrends, The Mail Moment, and the United States Postal Service, 69% of catalogs are opened and read, and the average time spent reading a catalog is 30 minutes. In addition, 57% of people prefer printed catalogs over catalogs viewed online.

Fortunately, with today’s digital printing technology, catalogs are affordable and easy to produce, even in short quantities.  Digital printing’s unsurpassed quality and fast turnaround time means that once your catalog design is finished, you can have your printed catalogs in just a few days. A well-designed and printed catalog gives your customer an excellent first impression of your company, and conveys professionalism and competence.

When we refer to catalogs, we are talking specifically about sheets of paper that are folded in half and stitched on the spine. The number of pages in the catalog will depend on how much information you need to share with your customers. Because of the printing process, the number of pages in a catalog is always divisible by four. Visualize a piece of paper folded in half. The front panel will be page one. Open-up the paper and the inside left panel will be page two, and the inside right panel will be page three. Fold the paper again and the back panel will be page four. If you have two sheets of paper folded in half and stitched, you have an eight-page catalog; three sheets of paper will yield a twelve-page catalog; four sheets of paper will yield a sixteen-page catalog, etc.

Catalogs can come in many different sizes. The most common page size is 8 ½ x 11, but other sizes such as 9 x 12, 6 x 9, or 8 ½ x 5 ½ are easy to produce. When ordering catalogs, we usually specify the quantity, sheet size and the number of pages. For example, you might say, “What would the cost be to print 100, 8 ½ x 11, 12-page catalogs?”

The next consideration is paper stock. A text weight glossy stock is very common, probably because pictures and graphics tend to look good on glossy stocks. If you don’t like the glossy look, satin (or dull) stocks are available and they also look terrific. If you want a thicker stock, cover stocks are an option. A catalog produced on a light-weight cover stock feels more substantial and will probably last longer than catalogs printed on light weight stocks.

Some catalogs use the same paper stock on all pages, and we refer to these as “self-cover” catalogs. Other catalogs have a different stock for the cover than for the inside pages. This will give the catalog a stronger feel and more durability, but will cost slightly more to produce.

Probably the most important consideration when printing a catalog is the design of the catalog. The best print technology can’t make a bad design look good! A good design by a skilled graphic artist is worth every dollar you spend. If you want to amaze and dazzle your customers with your company’s services or products, invest in a good design. You won’t regret it, and your customers will remember you and your products!

The Importance of Custom Appointment Cards for Your Office

dentist examining a young boy’s teethIf you run a dental or medical office, you need to keep track of all of your appointments very carefully. It’s also important that your patients keep their appointments as well. When a patient misses their appointment without notifying the office in advance, you could wind up losing money because you won’t have enough notice to fill that time slot. The patient is also hurt by this, since they aren’t getting the treatment they needed. When you rely on our graphic design services in Reno, NV to print your custom appointment cards, you can help reduce this issue.

Contains Useful Information

Appointment cards not only contain information about the appointment, but they also contain your name, phone number, and address. With all of this information on a handy card, the patient knows who to call if they need to cancel or adjust their appointment. They also know where to go for their appointment, and who they will be seeing.

Helps Patients Remember Appointments

Appointment cards are a great reminder for patients who frequently miss appointments – or for any patient. Much like a business card, patients can keep info about their appointment handy in their wallet, or on the refrigerator where they will see it every day and be reminded. They can also help clear up any confusion about what date and time their appointment was scheduled.

Contact our design team today to learn more about how our custom printed appointment cards can help your dental or medical office thrive. We provide high quality products, excellent customer service, and speedy turnaround on all of your printed materials.

Advertise Your Next Sale with Professionally Printed Coupons from Digiprint

coupons popping out of an envelopeCoupons make for excellent marketing material because who doesn’t love saving money? Your business benefits by getting more foot traffic and your customers’ wallets benefit as well – it’s a win-win! Digiprint is the most reliable printing service in Reno, NV, with fast turnaround time and high quality work. When you need coupons printed in time for your next sale, you can count on us!


We’re Dependable

Digiprint has been serving the Reno area for almost three decades. And there’s a good reason we’ve been in business so long. We offer world-class customer service to deliver the highest quality printed products – and we can help you meet your deadlines thanks to our fast turnaround time.


When you trust us to print coupons for your business, you know you’ll have your coupons ready in time for your next promotion.


We Offer Design Services

If you don’t have a design team to help you create custom coupons, you can count on our graphic designer to come up with a professional design for your coupons.


We’re Affordable

Aside from our fast, quality work, our customers love that Digiprint is affordable. We will work with you to ensure that you get a great product that works with your budget.


We Support Local Businesses

Digiprint is local business here in Nevada, and we love working with other local businesses to create promotional materials like coupons and flyers. Contact us today to get professionally printed coupons for your business.

Rep Your Business at Trade Shows with Colorful Printed Brochures

woman reading a brochureTrade shows are one of the best ways to promote your business. It’s one of the only times when you’ll be able to access a large amount of potential clients at once. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re putting your best face forward with your promotional materials. Among these, be sure to include a beautifully designed and informative brochure. The benefits of having brochures printed include:


Getting Accurate Information in the Hands of the Consumer

Brochures are a great way to condense a lot of information into a small, portable format. If you don’t have time to have a lengthy conversation about your business with every person who visits your booth, you can give them all of the information they need in a brochure. If they have questions about your business after the trade show is over, they will be able to find that information in your brochure.


  • Pro tip – Ideally, your brochure should contain a mission statement, a brief list and description of the products and/or services you provide, and your contact information. Include a few high resolution photos of your products or of your business.


Providing Handy References for Potential Clients

The last page of your brochure should contain your contact information, that way potential clients have an easy way to get in touch with you. They can also use the brochure to refresh their memory when it comes to the products and services you can provide for them.


Showing Who You are as a Business

A well-designed brochure tells the customer that you care about the quality of your work, and that you pay attention to details. The more professional your marketing materials are, the more qualified your business looks to the customer.


Getting the Most Professional, Eye-Catching Brochure

When you need eye-catching brochures designed for your next trade show, come to Digiprint and utilize our graphic design services in Reno, NV. Our team can help you come up with a design that will represent your business well, and catch the eye of potential clients.

Why Custom Business Cards are Essential for Tattoo Artists

close up of a tattoo artist at workAs a tattoo artist, you are always looking for ways to get noticed and get more clients in your chair. And, because tattooing is a very visual art form, most tattoo artists turn to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to share and display their art, along with information about booking appointments. Social media is a great way to get your art noticed by a large audience, but why not take it a step further and order business cards in Reno, NV?


Distinguishes You as a Professional

A custom-designed business card makes any business look more professional. The clients that you would like to tattoo are often very selective when choosing an artist. They have to like your style, trust the shop, and trust your skill as a professional. A beautiful business card shows that you pay attention to detail, and that you take pride in your work. The more professional and polished your business looks, the more people will be willing to let you permanently alter their appearance with a tattoo.


Get New Clients to Follow Your Social Media – and Book an Appointment

Most tattoo artists rely on multiple social media accounts to display their art and advertise their work. Business cards make it easy to collect all of your social media handles onto one, convenient item that can be passed around anywhere you’d like. This way, people who are interested in getting a tattoo can easily view your work and make an appointment with you.


Get Return Clients and New Client

When you give your business card to a new client at the end of their session, it’s an invitation to come back for more tattoos. People who are tattooed tend to stick to one particular style, so chances are good that if you tattoo someone they will want to return for more tattoos in the same style. The business card ensures that they have all your information readily available the next time they want a new tattoo.


Tattoo artists should come to Digiprint for all of their custom business card needs. We can print beautiful, professional business cards that will help you get new clients in your shop.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Graphic Design Team for Your Printed Materials

graphic design services reno nvWhen ordering printed materials for your business, whether you need business cards, letterhead, flyers, or catalogs, it’s important to submit the best design possible so you can represent your business well. For businesses outside the creative industry, it can be difficult to maintain any kind of in-house graphic design team, and you probably don’t have a ton of time to do design work on your own. That’s where the graphic design services offered by Digiprint can really come in handy.

Saves Time

Our graphic design services in Reno, NV save you time by helping you with the design work. You give us information about what look you want to go for, and we can bring your ideas to life. Because we are a print shop with in-house graphic designers, we can complete your project more efficiently than if you had hired a third party designer and then brought the finished design to be printed.

A More Professional Look

When you come to our experience graphic designers to design and print your projects, you will end up with much more professional-looking printed products than if you had designed it yourself. We can take your unique ideas and turn them into beautiful and professional printed materials that you will be proud to use to promote your business.

Efficient and Up to Date

Digiprint takes full advantage of the latest digital printing techniques to ensure that all of your printed materials are stunning and of the highest quality possible. Contact our print service in Reno, NV today to get started on your next project.

Let Our Graphic Design Team Help You with Direct Mail Marketing

mailbox with a direct mail marketing flyer insideDirect mail marketing is a great way for local businesses to reach potential customers, especially if you run promotions or provide coupons. The problem a lot of businesses face, however, is that some people take your flyers out of their mailbox and put them right in the trash. So how can you prevent this from happening? The key is to create an eye-catching design that will encourage customers to read through the flyer and see what you have to offer.

Graphic Design Services Make It Easy

You have a business to run, so chances are you don’t have time to create an impeccably designed flyer to distribute to local customers. That’s where the graphic design team at Digiprint comes in. We are expert graphic designers who can help you look your best in print. When you come to Digiprint for direct mail marketing services in Reno, NV, you are guaranteed to get a high quality product that the recipients won’t be able to ignore.

The Professional Look

We can take your mailing list and print the addresses directly onto your marketing material, which looks much more professional and is less time consuming than printing and applying hundreds of individual labels. We also use the latest digital printing technology to ensure that the printed materials we create always look amazing.

We’re a Local Business Too!

Digprint has been the leading print store in Reno for nearly three decades, and we are proud of our local community. We love providing direct mail marketing services to other local businesses in the area, so contact us and start bringing in new customers, today.

Why You Need Custom Business Cards for Your Etsy Store

yarn ball with colorful plastic crochet hooksEtsy is a great marketplace for talented makers to sell their handmade treasures to an international audience. The problem is that it is one of the only platforms to do so on such a large scale, so chances are good that there are several other shops that sell the same types of products. So how do you stand out from the rest and makes sure that people who go on Etsy searching for handmade crochet afghans go to your shop and not your hundreds of competitors?

Custom Business Cards

Designing a unique business card for your Etsy store can help you acquire customers, and retain your current customers. Business cards have been proven to be successful for all kinds of small businesses, and while you may not consider yourself at that level, one employee is all you need to be considered a small business.

Show Your Creative Flair

You are a creative person – that’s why you created your Etsy store. Your business card should reflect that. With the help of the graphic design team at Digiprint, you can create a design that is unique to you. A well-designed business card lets your customers know that your products are just as high quality.

Be Memorable

When you package up your orders, slip a few of your business cards into the package. Make sure to place at least three, but not more than five. This will provide your customer with your information so that they can easily find your shop when they want to order again, and they have extras to give out to friends and family who may be interested in your work. If they like your product, they are more likely to recommend your shop to others, and you cards make it super easy for them to pass on your information.

When you need to order business cards in Reno, NV, trust the experience team at Digiprint. Our graphic design team is here to help you create your custom business cards, and our printers will create the finished product using the latest technology in digital printing. Contact us today to get started.