Printing: Then and Now

At our printing service in Reno, NV, we utilize the latest digital printing technology to deliver high quality printed materials for your business. Today we use digital equipment to print anything you could ever ask for, but when we started back in the 70s, offset printing was the way to go. Making the transition from offset printing to digital in the 90s helped us create better quality material at a faster pace. Although our process is significantly improved, it doesn’t hurt to remember our history. Let’s take a look at the printing process from back then until now.

Woodblock Printing

The earliest known example of woodblock printing is from China – a floral pattern printed on silk, dating around 200 AD. Woodblock printing is done by carving the desired design into a stamp, covering it in ink, and then pressing it into the desired material. In India, Buddhists used this method to mass produce religious texts, particularly short prayers called dhāraṇīs.

Movable Type Printing Press

Many people credit Johannes Gutenberg as the inventor of the movable type printing press, but this technology was first invented in China around 1040 – some 400 years before Gutenberg. Gutenberg’s press was more technologically advanced and allowed text to be copied much more quickly. The Gutenberg press worked by arranging individual type pieces on the press and covering them in ink.

Offset Printing Press

Offset printing came around in the 1870s, and our printing service in Reno, NV used it until digital printing became popular in the 90s. In offset printing, an inked image is transferred onto a rubber blanket, which is then applied to the paper.

Digital Printing

Modern digital printing reproduces digital images onto a physical material. This type of printing is faster and creates less waste than older methods. Our printing service in Reno, NV is constantly updating the technology we use to continually provide you with the best possible product and the fastest turnaround times. Contact us today for more information about our printing services.