What Professional Business Cards Say About Your Business

design and order business cards reno nvIn this age of smartphones and websites, business cards seem less important than ever — until you’re at a trade show or business convention and you make a great connection with a potential client, investor or colleague and you have nothing to hand over to make that connection stick. Don’t be one of a dozen phone numbers they add to their address book. Be remembered with a beautifully printed business card.

You Take Your Business Seriously

Professionals who design and order business cards in Reno, NV at Digiprint use them to make lasting connections with the people they meet. A well-made card tells potential investors, clients and industry colleagues that you take your business seriously – and that they should as well. Quality makes all the difference when it comes to a business card making a positive or a negative impression. If your card looks like an amateur put it together, your plans to leave a good impression will backfire.

You’re Easy to Reach

You can tell someone your phone number and they might put it in their address book (although that doesn’t mean they’ll remember you once they walk away), but it’s harder to stand there and tell them your website and social media profile names at the same time. Many people prefer to interact with businesses and businesspeople online. By passing out business cards with all of this information on them, you’re giving them options for how to reach you — and making yourself easier to reach. Making yourself so readily available in this way shows the customer that you have a client-first mindset.

You’re One-of-a-Kind

Design your cards to reflect your business. Everything from the logo to the colors to the font comes together to show off a business that’s one-of-a-kind.

Order your business cards from DigiPrint today. Our high quality digital printing and fast turnaround make us your ideal business card provider. Don’t stop at cards alone, either. Every brochure, pamphlet, menu, postcard, coupon flyer, envelope — whatever printed media you can think of — looks better and costs less when you work with the professionals.